The Joy of Breathing

All are welcome.


In this class you will tap into the amazing life enhancing, energy enhancing benefits of pranayama breathwork inspired by the Wim Hof and Full-Wave Breathing methods. It starts with about 20-25 minutes Yoga to get the energy flowing in the body, followed by breathing and a guided meditation relaxation.


This powerful practice will guide you toward awakening a deeper, more integrated conscious connection with body, mind, heart and spirit. Each session is designed to take you into deep, meditative states of awakened consciousness where you access an expanded Self-awareness, gain mental clarity, a sense of inner peace and joyful presence.


You will learn how to use breath and intention to align with your highest Self and highest potential in joy, love and mastery, all while experiencing your ability to energize, oxygenate, relax, detoxify and heal. On a spiritual, energetic level, the process gradually awakens kundalini through the chakras along the spine, from mulhadara to sahasrara.


The "joy" breath sessions are enhanced with music and vocal toning, culminating in a deep and blissful meditation experience. Please bring a blanket and small pillow to class.


For any question, please contact me.



Tuesday 10am- 11am

Single class $13

Via Zoom

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The Joy of Breathing has similarities with

✦ Pranayama

✦ Wim Hof Breathing

✦ Full Wave Breathing

✦ Holotropic Breathwork

✦ Alchemy of Breath

✦ Transformational Breathwork

✦ Therapeutic Breathwork


If you have had a great experience with one of these methods, you will probably enjoy The Joy of Breathing class.


"I find the breathing sessions very rewarding. There are few other experiences that I know of that offer such strong, affirming feelings of joy and limitlessness."

 -  John


"This breathing technique is one of the most influential practices in my life; I cannot recommend it enough. In terms of energy, it feels like a flushing through of energy blockages to come into experiencing clearer, more fluid channels within the body. Life encountered outside of the body feels more connected and one’s life purpose seems more apparent. Definitely an experience to try out."

 - Rachael


"The experience brings forward a strong feeling of peace and calm while developing perspective and insight. I feel relaxed and refreshed after each session. Joy of Breathing also enhances my yoga practice. Mental focus and spiritual awareness are more consistently accessible, and I understand more concretely the benefits of intention. Our instructor is a wonderful guide, and I appreciate being part of a small community open to exploring new insights."

 -  Jenny


"The full-wave breathing technique is a very dynamic way of getting oxygenated blood into your system in a quick and efficient way. Health wise, the increased oxygen the body receives can have immense benefits. It's also a very effective way to jump start into a restful and peaceful meditative state. My meditation practice has been greatly aided by full wave breathing."

  -   Tim

Attending Class

- Arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time and silence cell phones.

- Wear comfortable clothing.

- Refrain from eating 1.5 to 2 hours before practice.

- Please refrain from wearing fragrances.


* If you have cardiovascular disease, a recent surgery, stroke or heart attack, high or low blood pressure, pregnancy, glaucoma, retinal detachment, epilepsy, asthma, psychiatric condition, or any other physical or mental health condition or concern that might effect your participation in class, please ask your doctor if exercise and breathwork are safe for you.