Sylvie Horvath - CYT, BA

I have been a yoga instructor for over 30 years, studying extensively in India, the United States, Canada, Brazil and Switzerland, with masters of our time in the fields of yoga, meditation, breath work, spiritism, indigenous plant medicine and spiritual ceremony.


I am a certified instructor of the Amrit Yoga Method - a hatha yoga based - kundalini inspired yoga practice created by Sri Yogi Amrit Desai, the founder of Kripalu and Amrit Yoga.


The Amrit Yoga kundalini practice has a spiritual focus to awaken one's consciousness and highest potential.


It is a comprehensive system that has it's roots in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. It creates strength, vitality, inner-calm, stability, centeredness, mental clarity, emotional well-being and meditative awareness through the integrative practice of the Eight-limbs of Yoga:

✦ Yama: universal ethics

✦ Niyama: personal observances

✦ Asana: physical postures

✦ Pranayama: breath

✦ Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses

✦ Dharana: concentration

✦ Dhyana: meditation

✦ Samadhi: tranquility, spiritual illumination, union in one's Divine Source


I offer group and private yoga instruction, breathwork, and Ayurvedic lifestyle and Vedic Astrology consultations.