Amethyst Healing Biomat 7000

"Scientific Fact: Exposure to far infrared rays is the key to preventing metastatic cancer and strengthening the immunity,Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D.

Nobuhiro Yoshimizu is the previous director of Yokohama General Hospital and author of the new book, The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees: Thermotherapy in the New Century.


The healing powers of the 7000 MX Professional BioMat has been shown to give relief, or a complete reversal of, chronic pain, circulation problems, inflammation, migraines, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and immune deficiencies. The BioMat’s unique medical and therapeutic properties are based on Nobel prize-winning research into ionic channels and the same infrared technology that NASA identified as the safest and most beneficial type of light wave.  By producing deep-penetrating far infrared rays that pass through channels of Amethyst crystals, along with negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level, the BioMat is capable of administering deep cellular stimulation, and healing.


During a biomat session you will instantly feel the warmth of the infrared rays deeply penetrating your body as the negative ions open the cell channels throughout the body and deliver healing signals to every cell in your body.  The BioMat far infrared rays pass through channels of amethyst crystals and black tourmaline stones. Amethyst crystals are nature's natural emitter of healing far infrared rays, while black tourmaline stones naturally emit the calming and soothing effects of negative ions. These natural healers are combined with the Biomats unique technology to deliver a powerful therapy that stimulates the cells natural ability to regulate and heal the body’s immune, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems; improve cardiovascular strength; deeper, more refreshing sleep; reduced feelings of stress; cellular detoxification; increased energy, and feelings of well-being. The BioMat’s unique design, which allows users to benefit from deep-penetrating infrared rays and an influx of negative ions, stimulates the body to heal and regenerate with unprecedented speed.


Some of the Biomat's powerful far infrared thermotherapy and negative ion therapy benefits:


*Stimulate the cells' natural ability to regulate, strengthen and heal the body's          immune, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems

*Improve cardiovascular strength: improves circulation

*Promote deeper, more refreshing sleep

*Reduce stress and stress response

*Increases endorphines

*Promotes cellular detoxification

*Reduce or eliminates pain

*Accelerates healing

*Creates feelings of well-being


The BioMat is a registered medical device and has undergone rigorous third-party testing, including FDA registration and ISO certification to confirm its efficacy.


30 minute Amethyst Biomat session - $25 

30 minute Amethyst Biomat session with energy balancing Crystal Chakra Bath - $35