Raise Spiritual Awareness

My practice and teaching has a spiritual focus, which supports your journey to:

  • Awaken your multi-dimensional awareness in truth, light and love
  • Connect with your joyful presence and inner guide
  • Develop experiential understanding of the chakras and energy system
  • Transform thought and energy patterns to support your total well-being
  • Strengthen the body and stabilize the mind
  • Activate your innate ability to heal your body


Please check below the different activities I offer to support your health and spiritual development.

- Sylvie Horvath

Private Classes

I offer private yoga, breathing and guided meditation classes at your location for:

  • Yoga instructors and advanced students who want to develop a spiritually centered practice
  • Anyone looking for tailor-made yoga sessions for their specific needs (e.g. back pain, stress management, trauma)
  • Anyone wanting to work with a personal instructor in a private or small group setting

Please contact me to discuss your personal needs.

Yoga Level 1 & 2

Good for beginners and seasoned practitioners.


Wednesday 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center, 1922 E Park Place, Milwaukee (Eastside)

Single class $15 (students/seniors $12) - 8 week session $100

Yoga Level 2 & 3

For students who maintain a consistent yoga practice, have a strong foundation in the basics, and possess a higher level of strength and flexibility.


Saturday 9:30am to 11:00am

Pink House Studio, 601 E Wright St, Milwaukee (Riverwest)

Single class $15 (students/seniors $12) - 8 week session $100

The Joy of Breathing

Experience the exhilarating and rejuvenating effects of pranayama breathing with the Wim Hof and Full-Wave breathing methods.

All are welcome.


Thursday 5:00pm to 6:15pm

Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center, 1922 E Park Place, Milwaukee (Eastside)

Single class $20

Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology

If you want to develop a deeper understanding and connection with your body, mind, heart and consciousness, to create good health and gain the tools to self-heal, to align with the natural and spiritual dimensions, these sciences offer valuable tools and insights on your journey.

Chakra Crystal Healing & Amethyst Biomat

Discover these methods to balance and align your chakra energy system with crystal light wave frequencies and sound, and receive the deep healing warmth of far-infrared and amethyst.