Welcome to Jewel Yoga & Wellness Center! We offer a variety of yoga, meditation and breath work classes, topic focused workshops in Yoga, energy healing and Ayurveda (holistic science of health and self-healing), as well as personal wellness consultations and healing therapies in Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology (East India Astrology), and natural healing with the Amethyst Biomat, and the John of God Crystal Healing Chakra Bed.



The primary form of yoga taught at Jewel Yoga is based on the Kripalu and Amrit Method of Yoga - a hatha and kundalini  inspired practice created by yoga master Amrit Desai. The practice arises from the oldest forms of traditional yoga that is guided by the inner flow of universal life energy, or kundalini. Being connected with this inner flow creates spontaneous hatha yoga (physical movements, postures and breathing) known as kriyavati. Health and well-being is restored through connection with the natural flow and rhythms of the universal life energy, or pranavidya. The practice is accessible to all levels of practitioners and gives a strong foundation in the fundamentals of an authentic yoga practice.   A well balanced yoga practice awakens, aligns and purifies the energies of body, mind and heart, gives a sense of well-being and connection with Source, greater mental clarity, inner peace and joy.


Jewel Wellness offers consultations and natural healing with Ayurveda  and Vedic Astrology (ancient sciences originating in India over 5,000 years ago),  John of God Crystal Healing Bath with color and sound therapy, and the Amethyst Biomat - a registered and certified medical device that heals and balances the body with the healing warmth of infrared light rays, and negative ion therapy. The Crystal healing Chakra Bath and the Amythest Biomat are powerful used in combination to accelerate healing and enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

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