* Due to the corona virus I am offering the Wednesday at 5:00 class online via Zoom. Email me for details if you would like to attend. All are welcome!

Mindful Yoga

My practice and teaching has a spiritual focus which supports your journey to:

  • Awaken your multi-dimensional awareness in truth, light and love
  • Connect with your joyful presence and inner guide
  • Develop experiential understanding of the chakras and energy system
  • Transform thought and energy patterns to support your total well-being
  • Strengthen the body and stabilize the mind
  • Activate your innate ability to heal your body


Please check below the different activities I offer to support your health and spiritual development.

- Sylvie Horvath

Private Classes

I offer private yoga, breathing and guided meditation classes at your location for:

  • Yoga instructors and advanced students who want to develop a spiritually centered practice
  • Anyone looking for tailor-made yoga sessions for their specific needs (e.g. back pain, stress management, trauma)
  • Anyone wanting to work with a personal instructor in a private or small group setting

Please contact me to discuss your personal needs.

Yoga All Levels

Good for beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Class is online Via Zoom until the virus passes. Contact me for details to attend.


Wednesday 5:00pm to 6:30pm Via Zoom

Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center, 1922 E Park Place, Milwaukee (Eastside)

Single class $15 (students/seniors $12) - 8 week session $100

The Joy of Breathing

Experience the exhilarating and rejuvenating effects of pranayama breathing with the Wim Hof and Full-Wave breathing methods.

All are welcome.


Most Thursday's at 5:00pm to 6:15pm

Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center, 1922 E Park Place, Milwaukee (Eastside)

Single class $20

Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology

If you want to develop a deeper understanding and connection with your body, mind, heart and consciousness, to create good health and gain the tools to self-heal, to align with the natural and spiritual dimensions, these sciences offer valuable tools and insights on your journey.

Chakra Crystal Healing & Amethyst Biomat

Discover these methods to balance and align your chakra energy system with crystal light wave frequencies and sound, and receive the deep healing warmth of far-infrared and amethyst.

The Goddess Garden

I am the co-owner of The Goddess Garden, a retreat center in Cahuita, Costa Rica, where the Rainforest meets the Caribbean Sea.


It is a magical place that sits in the middle of a centenary forest with huge jungle trees more than 300 years old. You hear and feel the vibrancy of Nature all around you, from monkeys, slothes and extraordinary birds to fragrant flowers and gorgeous foilage.


All our facilities are in the middle of the forest to allow our visitors to benefit from the healing power of nature. Our yoga studios are surrounded by trees, plants and wild life. During your practice, the healing energy of the surroundings will deeply relax you, enhance your practice, help cleanse and balance the aura and chakra system, and support the flow of life force energy.


From the property, a 5 minute walk leads you to a pristine beach 10 miles long. The only human presence you will likely encounter is yourself and your group. Guests love doing their morning meditation on the beach, benefiting from the sunrise and the relaxing sounds of the ocean.


Visit The Goddess Garden website.

Your retreat at The Goddess Garden

As an individual, you are welcome to spend a wonderful week practicing yoga in a paradisiac setting.

As a yoga instructor, you can organize your own tailor-made retreat for you and your students. Please contact me to explore the possibilities.



Soul awakening retreats

Are you ready to take your yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice to a higher level? 


YogAyahuasca is a powerful way to profound transformative growth.  It is an inner voyage into expanded consciousness and self-healing, in a safe, loving space where you can discover and embrace self-love, self-acceptance and wholeness. The facilitators and I believe that body, heart and soul are interconnected, and that when we feel whole we thrive in every dimension of our lives. This is the majic of  YogAyahusca to take you on a transformative journey designed with 8 key elements that will bring health, joy, healing and higher consciousness into the material and spiritual aspects of life.


* Mindful intention 

* Body wisdom and centering with Yoga postures 

* Joy breath, heart centered and Wim Hof breathing methods  

* Principles of Grounding, connecting with Mother Earth and receive healing energy

* Conscious Nutrition

* Plant Medicine Ayahuasca 

* Heart alignment/fulfillment 

* Meditation

 During this 8 day/7 nights retreat we will give you the tools to integrate your new expanded vision of yourself into real life experience.

Join us on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica www.YogAyahuasca.com